Transportation Insurance

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Combine our transportation industry expertise with your commercial fleet for peace of mind coverage wherever you drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Some of the Risks My Company Faces?

    • Workplace-related injuries
    • Property damage
    • Cyber attacks
    • Cargo theft
  • What Coverage Options Are Available?

    • General Liability Insurance
    • Commercial Auto
    • Cyber Insurance
  • What Type of Transportation Companies Need Insurance?

    The list includes, but is not limited to:

    • Transportation companies
    • Logistics companies
    • Last-mile delivery businesses
    • Car rental services
  • What Factors Impact My Premium Costs?

    • The total mileage driven by your fleet
    • The number of trips completed
    • How much revenue was generated
    • Your business practices around regulatory compliance, safety, and risk management
  • Why Consider The Liberty Company?

    Our experience in the transportation industry places us in a unique position to understand the risks your fleet faces on a daily basis. We’ll help you find the right coverage and develop a comprehensive risk management plan.

How It Works

We understand that clients have diverse needs. Our strength lies in our ability to consistently provide custom solutions and project management to help guide businesses to make smart insurance decisions. Get covered in just four easy steps!

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