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Our client service teams have decades of experience and commitment to the real estate industry that allows us to deliver extensive expertise, creative and custom-tailored program development, solutions and flexible underwriting considerations to the most complex real estate risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Types of Commercial Properties Are Insurance Programs Designed to Cover?

    • High Rise Condominiums
    • Office Buildings
    • Shopping Centers
  • What Types of Residential Properties Are Insurance Programs Designed to Cover?

    • Active Adult Communities
    • Assisted Living Communities
    • Apartments & Conversions
    • Condominiums & Conversions
    • Homebuilder Programs
    • Homeowners Associations Including Planned Communities
    • Mixed-Use Buildings
    • Planned Unit Developments
  • What Types of Industrial Properties Are Insurance Programs Designed to Cover?

    • Distribution Warehouses or Centers
    • Industrial Parks
    • Light Manufacturing to Manufacturing
    • Mixed Use Office Buildings
    • Retail Strip Centers
    • Self-Storage Facilities
    • Warehouses
  • What Other Types of Properties Are Insurance Programs Designed to Cover?

    • Asset Managers
    • Fund Managers
    • Hotels and Motels
    • Managing Agents
    • Property Developers
    • Property Owners
    • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
    • Resorts
  • How Can The Liberty Company Help?

    Today’s continually changing business environment presents the real estate industry with a host of complex risks, many with serious financial implications that can mean the difference between success and failure. We assist clients in building an effective risk management system that can anticipate, evaluate and control potential exposures. We also provide the necessary support and sense of urgency to meet the ever increasing challenges from contractual obligations, statutory regulations and strict lending requirements.

  • How Does It Work?

    We provide seamless access to the industry’s foremost insurance products and services, as well as have our own exclusive Real Estate Program with proprietary coverage forms for property and liability, products and risk management resources, soon to be released and quoting Commercial, Industrial and Residential Real Estate risks.

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We understand that clients have diverse needs. Our strength lies in our ability to consistently provide custom solutions and project management to help guide businesses to make smart insurance decisions. Get covered in just four easy steps!

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