Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers

Treatment of alcohol and drug addiction is a delicate business.  Each client’s situation is different and so are the treatment methods.

Insuring Treatment Centers requires an equally unique approach and insurance program design.  For example, equine and canine treatment programs require special attention from an insurance perspective.  If you employ or contract with medical and psychiatric professionals, care has to be taken so that your interests are protected in the event of a claim.  Sober Companions can present a challenge and we help you manage the risk to keep your business safe.

Don’t leave these complexities to be addressed by just any insurance agent.  Our knowledgeable team can help you design the right insurance program that anticipates the uniqueness of your business.  It’s not just about buying an insurance policy.  It’s about managing your risk and having a trusted advisor in the insurance business.  Please contact us to arrange a meeting with one or our experts.