ABA Podcast

Thank you for listening to Matt Cicoria’s The Behavioral Observations Podcast featuring The Liberty Company’s Dan Law.

To receive more information on our services for ABA professionals or to receive a coverage and services proposal for our program, please contact us at: dlaw@libertycompany.com

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We provide services to ABA agencies of all shapes and sizes:

Insurance Products
  • Professional Liability
  • General Liability
  • Abuse/Molestation
  • Automobile
  • Property
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Medical
  • Dental, Vision, Life
Risk Management Services
  • HR Support & Assistance
  • Loss Control Services
  • Contract Review
  • Industrial Nurse on Call Triage Service
  • Claims Management
  • Risk Mitigation Consulting

Dan Law has been providing insurance and risk management services to his clients for over 14 years. With an emphasis on pragmatic risk control, his consultative approach helps clients reduce their overall risk of loss before they spend a dollar on insurance premiums. Dan has been a Partner at The Liberty Company since 2012 and has been in charge of the human services division since that time.

As a group practice leader, he is responsible for overall coverage, risk control, claims handling, and insurer/client relationships within the group.

Having focused on the needs of ABA businesses for the past 7 years, Dan and his team have developed a deep understanding of the operational risks faced by ABA providers and cultivated insurance products and risk management support to meet those challenges.

Dan Law, ARM, CRIS

Partner/Social Services Practice Leader
The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers
408.510.5801 | dlaw@libertycompany.com